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Water Damage: Commercial Sewage Backup Restoration & Clean Up

A sewage backup is no project you want to tackle alone, so contact ServiceMaster by Singer immediately to help with your commercial sewage backup restoration and clean up needs. Sewage backups require full services to restore and clean up the issue quickly and safely.

Our Sewage Backup Specialists have the process, training, and experience to return your commercial property or business back to normal. ServiceMaster by Singer serves the Baltimore, Washington, D.C., and Wilmington communities for full-service commercial sewage backup restoration and clean up.

Commercial Sewage Backup Dangers

Unwanted and harmful, sewage floods damage your commercial property or business and contain bacteria, viruses, and other toxic germs that can cause disease and illness. Most sewer backups occur in private service lines; however, they can also result from problems in the street’s main sewer line.

Causes for sewage lines to backup include:

  • Grease build-up
  • Misaligned joints
  • Pipe collapses
  • Root infiltration
  • Soil settlement

Our Commercial Sewage Backup Restoration & Clean Up Process

Our Commercial Sewage Backup Specialists follow proven steps to restore and clean sewer waste and flood damage.

  • Removal of sewage and water
  • Remove contaminated furnishings, carpet, and flooring.
    • Remove and dispose of other items exposed to potential contamination if necessary.
  • Use of professional-grade air filtration systems to ventilate and dry the area.
  • Clean and sanitize the area to prevent the spread of microbes that may cause disease or sickness.
    • Treatment of the area to help prevent future mold and mildew growth if necessary.
    • Please take any loss like this seriously. It represents a serious health risk for anyone that comes in contact with it. Drying this type of loss is only a small part of work; we must clean or remove nearby items or materials to the severely contaminated source. It must be done with expertise. You can NOT clean the affected area till you have removed all of the remaining biohazard load.
Note: A guide to preventing sewer backups and flooding from D.C. Water and Sewer Authority

Contact Our Experts For Commercial Sewage Backup Restoration & Clean Up Services

Our highly trained restoration technicians know the health concerns and requirements to return your commercial property or business to normal after a sewage backup. Contact us or call 1-855-574-6437 to get ServiceMaster by Singer to begin the full-service sewage backup restoration and clean up immediately. Beyond any physical work that is necessary, we can also help with insurance carriers, insurance policies (including the building owner’s master policy and tenant policies like Betterments and Improvements Insurance, Contents Liability Insurance, etc.), or any other complications resulting from your loss. Our Water Damage Restoration Specialists are fast, efficient, and have the right solution to recover from sewage backup damage.

Find Out More About Our Proprietary Disaster Preparation Program

To be able to effectively implement a customizable comprehensive disaster solution for you and your organization, we need to work together to plan for the possibility of future sewage backup.

This would include onboarding your company’s unique needs and property specifications.

There are many important questions to consider prior to the event of sewage backup:

  • What do your insurance policies (there may be multiple relevant policies) cover?
  • What is your deductible on each policy? Will you be paying out pocket?
  • Where can our team park to minimize business operations?
  • Do you want trucks with our company name and logo showing up at your property?
  • What structures, systems, and materials are we allowed (and not allowed) to work on?
  • Who should we first talk to upon arrival at your facilities or building (this may vary depending on the time)?
  • What authority does this person have to make financial decisions for the company?
  • and many more…

Please reach out to us prior to a loss, or needing our restoration services, so that we can help prepare you for a catastrophic event and save you money when it does happen. Find out more about our proprietary Disaster Preparation Program to see how you and your organization can minimize a future loss’s impact on your operation.


  • I appreciate their prompt response to the initial service call.
    C.A.I. - Columbia, MD 21044
  • My experiences was excellent because the gentlemen handled my belongings with care, sanitized my basement and it left it smelling great for many days. I am very happy that I do not have to smell sewage or mildew in my basement anymore. I love how my items were packed neatly in boxes and labeled ...
    Kimberly Randolph - Baltimore, MD 21239
  • Communication was impeccable. Service was quick and efficient and the customer service to make sure I was satisfied was great. I'm very pleased with my experience here.
    C.F.D.P. - Baltimore, MD 21275

The associate (Bryan) that handled my disaster was very knowledgeable, prompt, treated my house with respect, and worked with my schedule. This company is one I was glad my insurance company worked with. If I ever have to use a company again, I'll make sure it's this one.

Courtney Chiveral - Middle River, MD 21220
They answered the call for assistance very fast and they did a great job on the clean up I was very pleased.
A.T.D. - Baltimore, MD 21209
Very customer oriented and friendly.
Larry - Baltimore, MD 21117

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