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Why Is My Basement Floor Wet?

If you see water in your basement, there is a risk of water damage to walls and floors, carpeting, furniture, and will lead to mold growth. Most homeowners use basements as a living space or for storage, and by having water enter this area, you risk damaging items that aren't easily replaceable like important documents or expensive electronics. Water damage poses a great risk to your home’s value and the safety of your household. Wet basements can be caused by several issues around the home.

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Inadequate grading

If the yard is sloping towards the house, the excess water will be absorbed by the yard and directed towards the basement. This effect is known as hydrostatic pressure. Hydrostatic pressure can lead to cracks being formed on your basement walls, allowing water to enter through the small opening.

Defective or missing gutters and downspouts

Having a downspout that doesn't divert water far away enough from the home moves rainwater towards the perimeter of the house. A large volume of rainwater being collected around the home not only puts pressure on your foundation walls, but it can also cause your home to sink due to the moisture underneath the home becoming unstable.

Ineffective drain tile and sump pit

It is not uncommon to live in a home with no subsurface drainage system. Older homes didn't typically count the basement area as a livable space. In other cases, the drainage systems doesn't work for a variety of reasons, clogging of the pipe due to a slit, tree roots, or a severed connection to the sump. Sump pump failure is not unheard of and if proper maintenance isn't performed, the sump may not divert excess water away from your home.

Improperly designed window wells

Window wells are like a drain right next to the basement wall. They are commonly built and installed to slope towards the home, rather than away. If the window isn't properly sealed, water can easily slide the openings.

Structural cracks

Concrete and concrete block foundations commonly form cracks if enough hydrostatic pressure is placed on it. They damage can be severe if floor joists are not properly connected to the foundation wall, thus allowing the wall to shift. Also, unstable soil can lead to foundation settlement, causing visible cracks along the foundation.

Note: Read Moisture in basements: causes and solutions by the University of Minnesota

How Do I Waterproof My Basement?

ServiceMaster by Singer provides basement waterproofing to help homeowners and businesses waterproof their basements and protect them from potential water damages. We understand what water damage can do to a home or business, and know what is effective in diverting water away.

We provide both interior waterproofing and exterior waterproofing, to ensure your completely covered from unexpected water in your basement.

Don’t hesitate and contact us or call 1-855-574-6437. We have a 24/7 emergency line, so you can contact us no matter the time of day.


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