ServiceMaster by Singer was announced this week as part of a major expansion of the ServiceMaster Recovery Management (SRM) network. SRM is national leader in large-loss commercial disaster remediation and restoration.

The SRM expansion more than doubles the size of the network, from 9 to 21 approved providers nationwide. Applicants for the network had to meet stringent requirements involving experience in commercial loss recovery projects, equipment, staffing and capabilities.

“Achieving the SRM brand is a significant step for our company,” said Michael R. Singer, President of the company. “As part of the network, we will be called on for major commercial restoration projects throughout the country. These situations involve highly specialized skills, special equipment and experience. Every company in the network is well qualified to manage and perform large-loss restoration jobs.”

ServiceMaster by Singer is located in Baltimore, MD and has been in business for 18 years. The company is owned by Michael R. Singer, who has been in the restoration & construction industries for over 20 years. He’s a licensed contractor in Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Washington D.C., and holds a Triple Master Status with IICRC.

SRM is often called after catastrophic events such as hurricanes, tornadoes, fires, floods, earthquakes, and other similar disasters. The company is a single source for all necessary recovery services, including heavy equipment, generators, decontamination and engineering. They clean, remove water, eliminate smoke and other odors, and coordinate repairs so that facilities can reopen faster. Typical SRM customers include major industries, educational and healthcare facilities, worship centers, hotels and large office buildings.

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ServiceMaster By Singer - EPA Lead Safe Certified

Our team at ServiceMaster By Singer is EPA Lead-Safe Certified. This means we can work on buildings to remove lead safely.

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Spring Storms Are Upon Us

It's finally spring here in Maryland and its time to make sure that you are protected when the rain hits. Lets be honest, severe storms are scary. And being left out in the rain due to severe weather damage can be even scarier. This is where out team at Service Master by Singer is here to help. Our team of professional can help clean up and restore your home in the event of weather damage.

Whether a tree fell on your house or floods destroyed your home, we can help. Water can cause mold growth as well as damage to your walls, floors, and belongings. Thats why we offer 23/7 emergency service for water and storm damage. We know that it is critical to act fast when severe weather or floods hit your home.

Contact Us For 24/7 Emergency Storm and Flood Restoration

Our team has the experience you need to secure your home after severe weather hits and to protect your property. Our model is simple, we come out as soon as you contact us and provide you with an estimate for repairs. We even work with your insurance companies to ensure that any damage to your property is properly taken care of. Give us a call at 1-855-574-6437 or contact us online to start your restoration process.

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ServiceMaster by Singer - Expert Award For Construction

Earlier this year we were awarded the Marion E. Wade Expert Award for construction. This award recognizes ServiceMaster companies that are experts in construction and the reconstruction of damaged homes. Our construciton division is commited to helping families in need restore their lives. Take a look at the video below to learn more about our construciton division.

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Contractor Connection: Global Day of Service

On Saturday October 4, 2014, ServiceMaster by Singer partnered with Crawford Contractor Connections on their Global Day of Service. We donated our services to clean the public areas on the four floors of the Single Room Occupancy Program (SRO) facility at The Maryland Center for Veterans Education and Training, Inc., (MCVET) in Baltimore MD.

MCVET is a program that houses homeless veterans and puts them through comprehensive evaluation and training to help them rejoin their communities as independent, productive members. Veterans go through three phases of housing, each with its own program of health and educational assistance. The final phase is the SRO, housed in a facility designed to promote the last steps required for re-entry into the community. It is a facility with four floors of individual rooms, along with public areas on each floor consisting of a kitchen, two family/social rooms and a bathroom.

The Director of the SRO Residence asked that we help with an ongoing problem of grease in the kitchens. We not only removed the grease, but compiled packages of professional cleaning products for future maintenance by the veterans themselves. We voluntarily expanded the scope of the project to include the cleaning of the upholstery and carpet in the two public social rooms on all four floors.

After a day’s work of cleaning, our crew and Jim Dougherty, from Crawford Contractor Connection, was excited to have contributed to such a great program. We were proud to clean a facility that houses veterans who have served our country protecting the precious freedoms we enjoy. Kristoffer Evans, Director of Development of MCVET has voiced his appreciation of our efforts.

“Our Executive Director and our Residence Manager were very impressed with all that your team did,”

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Clothing Donation to the Weinberg Childcare Development Center at The House of Ruth

Recently, ServiceMaster by Singer had a water loss at a local sporting goods store and some of the clothes were affected. We cleaned and dried the clothes. The store allowed us to donate the clothes to a charity of our choosing. We decided to give it to the kids at the Weinberg Childcare Development Center at the House of Ruth.

The Weinberg Childcare Development Center is apart of the Child Program at the House of Ruth that helps kids that are affected by domestic abuse.

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Fire Loss - A Poem Dedicated to ServiceMaster by Singer

Fire Loss

Breezy yet cold on a serene kind of day little'd we know would become disarrayed,smoke started pouring a top of the housein came the firemen with water to douse.

Once it's done the pros come to clean up debristhey'd nicely pack things away then the would bag It,wrap it up daintily, by George they even tagged it.

Ripping up carpet, opening up spaces blockedsaving each item at memories get stocked,you're informed every step to the tasks they attendassuring you safely the situation they'll mend.

Those wonderful people contracted from Service Master INCso patiently diligent and quickly turned in a blink,they polished everything smoldered and rustedI felt so assured knowing they were interested.

Written by: Customers Stephen and Barbara Noulett

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Learn About The Insurance Restoration Process

Ever wonder what is involved when estimating a claim for restoration work on a home, or business? The team at ServiceMaster by Singer hope to answer those questions and more, by explaining the process behind an insurance restoration project. Click here to begin reading about the Insurance Restoration Process.

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Why is it important to use a Lead-Safe certified firm?

What is Lead?

Lead is a naturally occurring element found in the earth's crust. While it has some beneficial uses, it can be toxic to humans and animals

Where is Lead found?

Lead can be found in all parts of our environment - air, soil, water, and even inside our homes. Much of our exposure to lead comes from human activities including the use of fossil fuels (previously used leaded gasoline), some types of industrial facilities, and lead-based paint in older homes. Lead-based paints were banned for use in housing in 1978; most houses built before 1978 are likely to contain some lead-based paint. However, it is not the paint itself that is dangerous it is the deterioration of the paint.

Approximately 24 million housing units have deteriorated leaded paint and elevated levels of lead-contaminated house dust. More than 4 million homes built before 1978 are home to one or more young children.

Who is at risk?

Children under the age of 6 years old are at risk because they are growing so rapidly, and because they tend to put their hands or other objects which may be contaminated with lead dust into their mouths.

What can be done to prevent exposure to lead?

It is important to determine the construction year of the house or dwelling where you child spends a large amount of time (I.e. grandparents or daycare). In housing built before 1978, assume that the paint has lead unless tests show otherwise

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Restoring Crabby Jack's General Store

ServiceMaster by Singer was contacted by the owner of the Crabby Jack's General Store, to repair the fire and smoke damage at their location inside Harborplace Mall. The fire started in the store above crabby jacks, and burnt holes through the ceiling of the Crabby Jack's store. For more information on the fire, visit Fox 45 News's website

The ceiling was repaired, the flooring and walls were replaced, and store merchandise were brought back in. The restoration work took around a week to complete and have the store opened again.

View photos and videos of the project in the gallery below.

Videos Of The Restoration Work

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Severe Thunderstorms During The Summertime In Maryland

It's not uncommon for the state of Maryland to experience severe thunderstorms during the summer season. Thunderstorms are more likely to happen in the spring and summer months during the afternoon and evening hours, but can also occur year-round and at all hours.

Thunderstorms affect relatively smaller areas when compared with hurricanes and winter storms. However, all thunderstorms are dangerous. Every thunderstorm produces lightning, which kills more people each year than tornadoes. Heavy rainstorms can also accompany thunderstorms, and leads to problems such as flash flooding, strong winds, hail, and tornadoes.

Signs of a Thunderstorm

Watch for physical signs of approaching storms:

  • Increasing wind
  • Flashes of lightning
  • Sound of thunder
  • Static on your AM radio

What Makes a Thunderstorm Severe?

A thunderstorm is classified as "severe" when it contains one or more of the following:

  • Hail (One inch or greater)
  • Winds in excess of 58 mph
  • Structural wind damage
  • Tornado

The Difference Between A Severe Thunderstorm Watch and a Severe Thunderstorm Warning

Severe Thunderstorm Watch

*A Severe Thunderstorm WATCH is issued by the NOAA Storm Prediction Center meteorologists who are watching the weather 24/7 across the entire U.S. for weather conditions that are favorable for severe thunderstorms. A watch can cover parts of a state or several states. Watch and prepare for severe weather and stay tuned to NOAA Weather Radio to know when warnings are issued.

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Professional Water Damage Cleanup

Professional Water Damage Cleanup

Let's get real, dealing with water damage whether from a bad storm or a broken pipe in your home can be a hassle. Our team has already helped thousands of families and business owners deal with water damage on their properties. Water damage can come from a variety of sources such as broken water pipes, floods, strong storms, or even just cracks in your basement walls.

No matter what has caused water damage on your property, only one thing is certain, you will have a hard time attempting to clean everything by yourself. Water can cause mold growth as well as damage to walls and floors. That's why we offer 24/7 emergency service for water damage. We know that it is critical to secure the site and slow or stope the water damage quickly.

Get Help For Water Damage Now

Water can easily render everything obsolete and destroy it in the blink of an eye, as a result it will be nothing short of challenging to eliminate water damage from your property. Our teams approach to repairing water damage is simple. We come out immediately after you contact us, assess the situation and then provide you an estimate for repairs. We will handle the details and repairs fast and with urgency, we also work with your insurance company to handle all of the financial details.

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